Attorney Ralph J. Gines has been providing quality estate planning documents for Idaho clients and clients in other states since 1973. He has been able to reach thousands of people who are concerned about protecting their families from devastating legal affects of disability and death. With the aid of public seminars, interviews, and radio appearances, Gines has championed the use of revocable living trusts and various other types of trusts and legal entities as a proven way to protect families from the expense and delay of probate and to minimize and eliminate federal estate tax and state inheritance taxes.

Now we intend to bring these benefits developed from over a quarter century of practice and experience to hundreds of thousands through the internet.

The attorneys and paralegals in his office are trained in the complex areas of probate, trust, and tax law. The aim of each member of the law firm is to help you accomplish you estate planning goals and to take the mystery out of the planning process. Your trust documents will be explained in straight forward language you and your family can understand. Our knowledgeable staff has helped people just like you ease the burden on family members left behind. If you take advantage of these services today, your loved ones will be relieved of needless attorneys' fees and government interference in settling your estate. But more importantly, you'll have peace of mind knowing your loved ones are protected.

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